Sorting out pictures to get printed in the wedding album has actually become the biggest task for couples these days. Out of thousands of pictures, they need to select just a handful to get printed. And with so many good options it becomes quite a difficult task for them to decide which one to really keep and which one to actually discard. Moreover, once you get all the beautiful photos back, there are still work to be done and that is creating the perfect wedding photo album.

Following is a list of things to do if you are having trouble narrowing down your favorite pictures for your Wedding Album!

  • Think of your album as an emotional record, pick photos you can’t live without. Best albums are collections of your favorite pictures.
  • It’s all about the poetry of the album. The best albums tell a story, so the flow of the images is important.
  • Your Wedding Album is something that is going to be with you for the rest of your life, reminding you of your favorite wedding day memories, so it is absolutely fine to take your time over choosing the pictures that you really want to have in it.
  • Arrange the photos in chronological order, including the key moments from the day, and set the scene so that you actually have a sense of place.
  • After a couple of years, when you really take a look at your wedding album that has been arranged in the chronological order, the memories will actually weave up clearly in front of your eyes and thus you will clearly recall your exclusive moments!
  • This is your memorable wedding album and it should hold your absolute favorite photographs from your big day. Go with your heart, not with your head – include the photographs that you love without any hesitation.
  • A wedding album with a lot of variety in the pictures chosen will be much more interesting to look at and will actually show you all the aspects of your wedding day.
  • Add a mix of colored as well as black and white photos.
  • It is much better to choose soon after your wedding, while the memories are still quite fresh in your mind.
  • Front and back covers of a wedding album play a very significant role in creating create a good impression. Hence, choose beautiful pictures for the front and back cover of your album.
  • You should actually pick certain photos which you love at 1st site! Never ignore any such photo which reminds you of a beautiful memory of the special day!
  • Let your each and every photo get enough space in the album so that it can actually breathe freely. Thus, get a good-sized album and then arrange the pictures in such a way that every photo gets a suitable layout with complete lucidness as well as space.
  • Try to choose images that have clarity, the right amount of light and effective color combinations highlighting the expected subjects or objects.
  • The number of photographs does not matter! It is actually the quality of photos that really matters the most! 
  • In the album you must create a separate section for guests and relatives. This way, the photos of the bride-groom will always stay distinct at their own place while the other pictures will also find a really suitable place in your album.

We hope that the tips given above will help you create an exclusive as well as remarkable wedding album which is full of quality, sentiments and some of the most cherished moments of your life!

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