All You Need To Know About Indian Wedding Photography

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Indian wedding photography is all about capturing the details, candid moments which will be treasured forever. It is not just simply about couples and their families, but the beauty is actually in those rare, candid moments which take place during all those fun rituals. After-all, big Indian weddings are incomplete without the masti and dhoom dhadaka. Indian weddings are very elaborate. Be it Sikh weddings or Christian, they all have pre-wedding rituals, then wedding rituals and post-wedding rituals as well.

Indian Wedding photography is also about documenting the nuances of the different Indian Wedding ceremonies which are in the form of diverse set of rituals and customs. From Haldi ceremony in Hindu weddings to Manjha in Muslim weddings, the rituals may differ but the fun and laughter one will experience is absolutely same.

With too many things happening simultaneously, this is another reason why Indian wedding photographers are on their toes all the time. Indian Wedding Photography is challenging but this obstacle can be turned into an opportunity if you are familiar with the customs and rituals. Our blog will give you a clear picture of what to expect and be aware of.

Different types of Indian Weddings

From the ring ceremony to the garland exchange, we take you through the essential rituals that sanctify these different types of marriage.

We do all types of Indian weddings, from Hindu Weddings to Sikh Weddings and others. We’ve learned the nuances of the different Indian Wedding ceremonies and the different things to watch out for. We know the camera angles to take and we’ve identified the important wedding events for each of the ceremonies. Being specialists in Indian Wedding Photography, we will really capture each and every important moment, making both the couple as well as their families happy with the Wedding Photos, the Wedding Albums as well as the overall experience with our Photography.

Creativity in Indian Wedding Photography

Beyond photographing one of the most important wedding moments, we actually put an emphasis on capturing them with creativity. We’re always in search of reflections, interesting foregrounds and backgrounds, and the perfect light in our photography. Our unique combination of lighting techniques along with our creative post production allows us to create amazing, creative imagery for your Indian Wedding.

Vibrant Colors in Indian Wedding Photography

A large part of our success with Indian Wedding Photography has been our ability to capture all of the vibrant colors with our various techniques. We don’t do too many “Vintage Fades” or other desaturated processing techniques unless the scene and image calls for it. Instead, for the majority of our photography, we actually apply techniques to bring out the colors to capture all of the dynamic range in the scene. From HDR photographic techniques to advanced flash photography, we actually use all of the resources, tools as well as knowledge we have built up over the years to capture all of the beautiful and amazing colours, action as well as emotions at your Wedding. We’ve even developed our own style of post production and created best-selling Lightroom Presets that provide consistently incredible images for our clients.

Photography for the Baraat

The Baraat is one of our favorite parts of the Indian Wedding. The excitement and anticipation mixed with the dancing and music make for a lively and dynamic scene to photograph.

We’ve seen the groom ride in on all sorts of creative and beautiful animals and things, from majestic elephants to beautiful horses. We’ve even seen rickshaws flown in all the way from India. Whatever happens, we’ll be there to capture it all during the Baraat.

Indian Bride and Groom Portrait Photos

Daytime Indian Wedding Portraits – During the daytime is when we love to capture our bride and groom in their stunning wedding outfits. We always begin with the individual portraits of the bride in her traditional Indian bridal attire and the groom in his Indian groom’s attire. Right after, we move onto our couple’s portraits, where we know that it’s very important to get a combination of traditional photographs, creative photographs, scenic photographs, intimate photographs, and candid/natural photographs. With our photography expertise, we are able to get all of these with a short amount of time.

Nighttime Indian Wedding Portraits – We’re also able to do them at any time in the day, whether it be the morning, afternoon, or even in the evening. Below are just a few images of our nighttime couple’s portraiture for our Indian Wedding clients. In these images, we are focusing on capturing the romantic mood of the scene while utilizing the lights and the environment to add interest to the overall images.

Photography for Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Though Indian Wedding Ceremonies are spiritual and religious, they are also full of emotion and candid moments. Our style is to get a unique combination of wide angle photos and close up photos from a variety of angles, anticipating smiles and emotional moments during the Indian Wedding Ceremony. For example, we know that if a bride is being blessed by the married women in her life, there are going to be great emotional moments; and we know to get in position to capture them. In another example, we also know that after the couples walk around the fire, there is a good opportunity for some amazing laughs as they race to sit first!

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