Best Ideas for Indian Wedding Photography

In the following, we will be discussing an important topic that is “Best Ideas for Indian Wedding Photography” and will discuss it in detail within the article. Browsing through drool-worthy imagery and thinking about how the pros are able to create them? How brides look like they’ve stepped out of these paradisiacal fairytales, with perfect storylines, filled with color, romance and promises of an ever-after. Beauty and romance come from the eyes of the beholder. Which in this case, is the trained eye of a professional wedding photographer?

In India, Wedding Photography has evolved into a dynamic field that is able to bring together all of the stakeholders involved. It’s the documented proof of this magical wedding experience and so, it brings together not just the wedding photographers, planners, editors, storytellers, but also stylists, make-up artists and the larger gamut of decorators, caterers, etc.

Moreover, with the change in technology (better cameras and software), Indian and international inspirations, expectations have also gone sky-high. Couples now expect more ‘realistic’ and ‘relatable’ pictures instead of the clichéd portrait and group shots. And that means that both the couples who are opting for a high-profile experience and the men and women behind the lens need to step up too.

1. Classic Photography

Don’t confuse classical for clichéd. Classical Indian wedding photography ideas are aimed at the classics that make a wedding memorable – a people-focused approach, that may be a bit more formal in tone, than the rest. Here, the story revolves around the bride, groom, the near and dear ones and the wedding ceremony. It captures the best moments that highlight the very essence and the meaning of the whole affair. This is most popular for Wedding Portraits.

One of those rare Indian wedding photography ideas, in which you work on the kind of poses that you strike, is one of the first things you should keep in mind when headed for your wedding photoshoot. If you like to keep things on the traditional style, then using your Dupatta as a veil is the first and foremost Indian wedding photography ideas that you should bookmark before you begin posing for your photographs.

A photo collage such as this one is perfect for a wedding album, you will be able to add both of your portraits as one – which will by default, mimic your union as one and this is one of the outstanding Indian Wedding Photography Ideas. Or, maybe a candid pose that captures the serenity of your features and the essence of being a bride, by posing like this you will also be able to flaunt your stunning bridal jewelry.

2. Artistic Photography

In this, we take inspiration from the elements of art around the wedding affair. From the riot of colors to mystical settings and the small, but significant pieces of art around the venue – it picks up on all and weaves them together. Artistic wedding photography is extremely creative and uses technological support to highlight or add to the artistic charm. Have a look at these Indian wedding photography ideas which are a mix of modern and traditional aesthetics both. This is most popular for, Save-The-Date Pictures.

A simple yet attractive pre-wedding shoot portrait of a bride-to-be – a white dress, some colorful background and you will find your new Instagram picture. We cannot get enough of the groom and how colorful and happy this picture is in its own right. If you are hosting a royal wedding at a destination in Rajasthan then you ought to bring out the same beauty in each of your wedding photographs. A simple shot that captures this beautiful bridal bouquet. A soulful mix of white and pastel is all you need, to bring your wedding album up a notch.

3. Dramatic Wedding Photography

Adding a pinch of drama to the mundane is what dramatic wedding photography is all about. This aims at bringing out the exclusivity and the extravaganza from your wedding pictures. Think Bollywood kind of pictures, over-the-top emotions and everything bright and glittery. It heavily relies on lighting and décor to create dramatic effects. Use one of these Indian wedding photography ideas and voila your battle is half won. This is most popular for, Pre and Post Wedding Shoots.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a group shot with all of your best friends back from school and college? Capture your rare and serene moments with your bridesmaids by posing for group shots and make it your favorite among other Indian wedding photography ideas. Every bride-to-be deserves to have a photoshoot that is solely dedicated to her. Some cool shots by the pool or in one of your favorite outfits, it is an absolute must.

4. Documentary Photography

As the name suggests, documentary wedding photography documents the entire affair. From the beginning to the end, it flows seamlessly creating a story. This style of wedding photography focuses on building a story by capturing the big and the small elements together, with more focus on real-inspired photography than dramatic flair, lighting, set pieces or other techniques to enhance the image. Bookmark one of these Indian wedding photography ideas before you create a mood board for your own photography inspiration. This is most popular for, Wedding Videos or Trailers.

5. Candid Photography

Candid wedding photography has become one of the most sought after Indian wedding photography styles for the beauty it highlights. This style of photography focuses on all things real and natural. Candid pictures are un-posed and thus are more meaningful and significant. This style of wedding photography captures emotions, feelings and moments that posed pictures can never reveal. This is most popular for, Wedding Ceremonies.


Above mentioned are a few best Ideas for Indian Wedding Photography.

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