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From many years companies have been using catalogues for endorsement of their products. It has been used as an intermediate to display case the products for selling. One of the most important parts of a catalogue is the photographs that are used in them. These photos are used to depict the products that are being sold. The photos need to be visually attractive to the patrons who decide to buy the products from the catalogues. Here is where catalogue shoots comes in. it is very significant the way the product has been clicked. It should be clicked in such a manner that all its necessary features have been captured in the frame so that the client finds it appealing to buy. There is no dearth of professional catalogue shoot photographers in India. There are numerous studios for the best catalogue shoot photographers in India. We are one of the best among them.

Catalog shoots are well planned and budgeted well before the execution. We sit and talk thoroughly with the client in order to understand their requirement as well as concept.

Once these are finalised we do budgeting and a quote is prepared. After receiving advance we start the execution in a timely and professional manner to deliver the highest quality possible.

It takes 5-6 days of rigorous work in planning, conceptualising, ideating and post production apart from the shooting day.

We have a team of highly experienced and top professional fashion photographers who have shot ad campaigns for many know brands.

One of the most important or significant aspects of catalogue shoot is to get the correct lighting. It is very essential to pay attention to the lighting that you since bad lighting can make the product look lifeless and dull.

Why You Should Choose Us?

  • We capture high quality product photos at affordable prices and also provides photo editing services
  • Get a 360 degree product shoot for better visualization and reach maximum target audience.
  • Best quality and high resolution images lead to maximum Click Through Rate (CTR) and higher conversion giving you more profits.
  • Our photographers are thoroughly professional, use high-resolution cameras with branded lights and well trained and certified makeup artists.
  • Our establishment hires only professional, well established and renowned Indian and International models.
  • Our professional photographers are proficient in providing the best model and product photography.
  • We have created videos that have added value to top eCommerce brands in India and has helped them grow customer base.
  • Our editors offer video retouching services and provide a range of software solutions and techniques to enhance your video and/or images.
  • Our team specializes in creating high-quality video shoots with extra ordinary lighting and resolution effects.

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