Creative Wedding Photography Ideas in order to Make Your Album More Beautiful

In the following article we’ll mention a crucial topic that’s “Creative Wedding Photography Ideas in order to make Your Album More Beautiful” let’s discuss within the article given below:

When it actually comes to wedding photography and unique poses, even the most inventive as well as creative photographers several times lack ideas. Prepossessing wedding photography poses ideas which will turn even an ordinary-looking photograph into a masterpiece. Therefore, it’s suggested to all photographers out there to adequately look for the best poses or just develop innovative wedding poses in order to make their clients happy by fulfilling their precise needs.

Some Cool As Well As Creative Ideas For Wedding Photography

If you’re perplexed about the best poses, then keep your worries aside. In this post, you’ll find number of the best as well as creative wedding photography ideas to add to your checklist. So, let us get started!

1 Blind Folded By The Gorgeous Bride

In India, people believe that the groom shouldn’t see his bride before the marriage ceremony. Why not just use this for your wedding photo session. If we are your a photographer, then we’ll ask the bride to cover the eyes of the groom with her hands before the instant he will see her. This is the sort of photographs not only looks beautiful but heartfelt as well. You can actually capture the moments filled with real emotions – joy, happiness, excitement, and smiles with this pose.

2 That Very First Glance

The moment when the handsome groom sees his wife-to-be in a beautiful bridal gown is simply so romantic and sweet. Each and every couple wants to capture that ‘precious’ and beautiful moment for forever in the form of a photograph. When you click candid, the emotions and expressions will actually be the purest. However, you can actually ask the couple to pose in such a way and act naturally to capture the ‘moment of first glance’.

3 Enjoy In The Grass

Wedding ceremonies can actually be exhausting for both the bride and groom, so why not make their wedding photo-shoot packed with fun and grass can be your best partner in this. For example, we’ll ask them to simply lie in the grass and appearance into the eyes of each other. Well, people just tend to smile while seeing their lovely partners. We’ll also ask them to hold each other’s hand or simply tell the bride to slightly rest her head on the shoulder of the groom. We can quite easily make the best use of technology i.e. drone to make this beautiful pose come to reality and make it as mesmerizing as possible.

4 The Beauty Of Forehead Kiss

Several times the couples feels quite constrained and shy with specific poses that we suggest for your wedding photography poses. What’s the solution if you face such a situation! Well, there’s a win-win pose that we will suggest. Just ask the groom to embrace his beloved lady and simply kiss on her forehead. This not only looks sweet and caring but shows the romance, connection, value, and a gorgeous love story of their relationship. To make the pose stand out, it’s advisable to natural settings in order to make the background more saturated and colors more vivid.

5 A ‘Walk to Remember’ or Running Pose

You do not need to use static poses all the time. So, it’s important to diversify the photo session with some movement. It might actually be amazing if there’s any natural water body nearby or you can simply try out beach wedding photography tips or ideas. We simply ask the couple to recreate the ‘Virat & Anushka’ walk, or just run naturally or simply talk about anything while we are actually capturing these precious moments. Vibrant surroundings will be a beautiful addition to the pictures. This pose can even be used for pre-wedding photo-shoot.

6 The ‘Shoulder’ Rest

It is just simply so natural yet pretty when the bride is comfortable and just relaxes on the shoulder of the groom. So, you have to be very attentive and always on your toes in order to choose the proper background and appropriate lighting to get the best photographs.

7 Groom behind the Bride

Well, when it involves outdoor wedding photography poses, the choices are endless. We just ask the groom to stand behind the bride in order to embrace her. This moment is like if they’re pondering on the new life which is quite meaningful on their big day.

8 The Close-Up Shot

It is quite traditional pose as the newlyweds stay closely while looking at one another. Wait for the ‘golden hour’ in order to make the photograph look more romantic.

9 Holding the Bride

Every woman loves when her man shows strength as well as gallantry. Thus, we ask the groom to hold his bride. We’ll click a still photograph or add some movement to the images.


Do you know what actually makes the wedding photography poses successful? It’s due to the romance, love, affection, and emotions they show, the story they tell, and the connection they really have. All of these emotions together help a wedding photographer takes amazing wedding portraits. If you’re looking for a creative photographer to capture your big day beautifully, you can rely on Manoj Dhoke Photography for a gorgeous wedding album.

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