How Long Do Pre Wedding Pictures Take

In the following we’ll be discussing concerning a very important topic that’s “How long do pre wedding pictures take?” and can discuss about it in detail within the article:

Here’s a rough guide to how much time we need to do the various types of photos that we usually do at your Pre wedding shoot:

  • Getting Ready: At least 30-45 minutes with both the guys and the girls, but the more the better (see the F.A.Q.s below for how to figure out our start time)!
  • Bride + Bridesmaids: 30 minutes (before the ceremony is recommended)
  • Groom + Groomsmen: 30 minutes (before the ceremony is recommended)
  • Wedding Couple Together: 45 minutes-or-so. If you do a “first look,” that usually takes about 10 minutes and we usually recommend scheduling about 15 minutes right before sunset for the best light.
  • Whole Pre-Wedding Shoot: 20-30 minutes
  • Immediate Family: This is based on how many groups you want to do. We usually recommend about 1.5 minutes per small group (2-8 people) and about 5 minutes per large group (8+ people).
  • Extended Family: We usually recommend keeping family formals to immediate family and then doing less “formal” photos with extended family members as you see them during reception. But, if you would like to include extended family in the formals, then use the same timing calculations as for immediate family.
  • Ceremony Prep Time: 15-30 minutes. Don’t schedule any other photo sessions for the 15-30 minutes right before your ceremony so we can get set up, communicate with videographers about how we/they plan to shoot, etc.

You give us those chunks of time and we will give you some sweet, tasty wedding photos!

Typically We Recommend Deciding On Our Start Time In One Of Two Ways:

  • We can start getting ready for taking photos right after the bride finishes hair as well as just before she starts makeup (well in that way she is somewhat done before we start the pre wedding shooting. We recommend having your hair done before makeup). Then, presuming that you have booked us for 8 hours, go forward 8 hours and make sure that we are at the reception late enough to capture all of the events you want us to capture and about 30 minutes-or-so of open dancing. If we aren’t there late enough, you can either adjust our start time or add time to your package. Keep in mind, if you are having a grand exit (sparklers, confetti, lavender, etc.) you may want to double check that we will be there until then!
  • Start with the last event at reception plus 30 minutes of open dancing and then look back 8 hours. If our start time gives us 30+ minutes of getting ready, then you are probably good! If not, we will have to either adjust the start/end time or add time to your package.

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