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Destination Wedding Photographer

Best destination wedding photographers in South Delhi

Destination Wedding Photographer

A Destination Wedding is a unique experience, from planning and researching exquisite locations, suitable venues, accommodation, transport connections, comparing prices to organizing requirements for your guests and that’s without the intricacies of the special day itself. The list is endless. Thankfully we totally understand the challenges and complex logistics involved in creating that ‘day to remember’ and, as a destination wedding photographer, we appreciate the privilege and responsibility of being able to capture the splendor and beauty of both your destination wedding scenery and the actual marriage ceremony.

Planning a destination wedding in unfamiliar surroundings is an extremely daunting task and we understand how busy you are. With our services, everything is taken care of and done for you. Hiring us to be your destination wedding photographer will be a stress-free experience. We will spend time with you beforehand and discuss your requirements in detail.

We do not charge any additional fees for a ‘weekend buyout’ or for actual travel time. If your wedding is to take place on a Saturday, we will arrive on the Thursday or much prior to the date to check the location, deal with all essential pre-wedding photographic needs, including the rehearsal if required, and of course settling into a new destination environment with perhaps a different time zone. Naturally, there’ll be expenses incurred in carrying out these customized services. We will set out our fee structure in advance. You will be accountable for my travel and accommodation. This will be fully explained during the booking process.

Before creating that all necessary and important decision of embarking on a wedding photographer to capture the magic of such an unforgettable and memorable occasion, please take the time to completely browse through our photographic journal as well as destination wedding guide. Please feel free to contact us at any-time to check our availability or for an initial discussion as to how we may assist you in your wedding photography plans. We will be highly delighted to share our expertise as well as experience with you and look forward to the possibility of providing unforgettable memories of your wedding destination event.


Unique Experience

The ability to connect, tell stories and become friends is to us much more than just a transaction. We absolutely love making new friends so let’s create something beautiful together!

Let us explain more about destination wedding booking.



We take the time to document a wedding in the most beautiful way. And want you to look back on one of the biggest days of their lives and relive each and every moment. The price totally depends on your package choice so for further details give us a call now or maybe book an appointment.

You have our undivided care and attention from day one itself. The wedding package starts with pre-wedding meetings and consultations. This will be in-person / phone / email / skype / coffee… We will get to know each other as well as make sure nothing is overlooked in the planning process. Our commitment to you is delivering work at the highest quality, that will last to be enjoyed by future generations. It’s a complete destination wedding experience: All-day coverage.