We are passionately capturing stories since over a decade.

Traditional photography

Traditional photography uses film to create a negative and a darkroom with an enlarger, photo sensitive paper, and chemical baths to bring out the image. We at Manoj Dhoke Photography are armed with the latest and the best digital cameras; technically advanced photographical equipment’s and dedicated staff to provide you with nothing less than top quality services.

Traditional videography

Conventional or traditional videography needs no introduction. If you had watched one video of an event in your entire life time, the odds that it is a conventional video are high. Such is the pervasiveness of this genre of videography. Just like the bride and groom in a marriage, so are wedding videography and photography. As with wedding photography, videography also needs professional who create moments, and who don’t wait and watch and contact Manoj Dhoke Photography now.

Candid photography

Candid photographs are the one filled with the best emotions.What makes a photograph candid? Fill a click with emotions and it will give you the best experience of candid photography. The idea is to capture photos and videos in a way that they reflect all the emotions in them. This is what Manoj Dhoke Photography precisely and retains real emotions in its work.


Lens of our services and story of the to-be-wed couple are perfectly synchronized together to deliver cinematic wedding films. We blend memories as well as photography services in a wedding to offer/give the best film of the entire event of wedding along with other ceremonies. Manoj Dhoke Photography lends a creative touch to the story of every wedding with wedding videography. We ensure that detailing is carried out in the utmost way that all the emotions are retained in the video.

Drone camera shoot

Drone wedding photography is similar of taking photos as well as videos by a remotely-operated aerial vehicle, also popularly known as a drone. We at Manoj Dhoke Photography use a drone for wedding photography to capture the aerial views and bird’s eye view of a couple or ceremony. It allows us to use completely new angles for taking event photos and realize the craziest ideas for a photo session. More and more couples order drone for wedding photography services from us.

HD photography and videography

Manoj Dhoke Photography provides a wide variety of exceptional HD Photography and Videography services to our customers. Over the many years, we have built a solid name and reputation for our quality services, technical as well as artistic or creative

4k videography

Recognizing the rising necessities and desires of our respected clients, we are affianced in presenting top-class services for Wedding Videography (4k camera). Delivered beneath the supervision of adroit and skillful videography, these provided services are immensely demanded. To add, their reasonable rates and exceptionality make these services highly attributed.

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