Top Best Wedding Photography Ideas and Trends for 2020

In the following article we’ll mention a crucial topic that’s “Top Wedding Photography Ideas and Trends for 2020” let’s discuss within the article given below:

Nowadays it is really common that anyone who actually hires professional photography services for a big event such as a wedding will want that one ‘perfect’ Instagram and Facebook worthy picture that can actually embody countless beautiful moments that to at only a single glance. What if you could have several pictures to reminisce as well as use over the years for birthdays, marriage anniversaries, throwbacks and many more!

Best 6 Wedding Photography Trends For 2020

For that ‘perfect’ and ‘beautiful’ shoot, you will actually have to look into a ‘popular culture’ for inspiration. Manoj Dhoke Photography ideas and trends keep changing and evolving every year. These popular trends could be either completely novel or a mix of vintage as well as modern ones. If you are actually planning to get married this year, look at the following trends for 2020:

1) Theme-Based Photoshoot

If you as well as your partner are diehard fans of any of the Netflix series, movies, etc., it can be an excellent idea to have a wedding photoshoot which is Theme-Based. Take Game of Thrones as a theme-based wedding as an example. But, if you are not a Game of Thrones fan, then you could actually try something else ifor example something like the 80s inspired theme. Everything from your outfits to decoration and props to food, you can hire someone who can customize to add that ‘glam’. Apart from all of this, your theme-based wedding shoot can actually be centered on a specific hue or an ideology too.

2) Interesting Props

An amazing trend that has actually lasted for a while is the use of some unique props. Previously, wedding photographers were actually using those tedious cardboard props with quirky phrases as well as one liners like ‘Just Married’, ‘Miss to Mrs.’, etc. However, nowadays there has been a huge shift to a much more subtle use of these props. Nowadays, props usually involve different kinds of lights such as fairy lights, paper lanterns, sparklers, candles, you name it and they use it. These can actually provide your wedding photographs with that ‘extra bit of fairy godmother magic’. If you need colors that pop, then smoke bombs can be used to create joyful as well as vivid images to contrast with monochrome outfits. Other options of some popular and trendy props are confetti, soap bubbles, glitter as well as flower petals.

3) Monochrome and Other Popular Filters

A great photographer like us actually knows the what the real value of having black and white pictures in your wedding album actually is. We believe that monochrome photos are actually the best way in order to evaluate the skills of a wedding photographer as they are like the reflection of their ability as well as artistic eye. When different colors are filtered, you can actually see if they have the eyes for capturing the right emotions at the right time in their pictures. Apart from this, other filters can even be used to make phonographs look really good. For instance, the sepia filter is one of the best ways in order to get that vintage vibe and a film filter, on the other hand, can actually be used to add a grand as well as larger-than-life effect. These are few of the ideas which we use in our photography on your special day.

4) Emotion-Filled Candid Photographs

Rather than posing for pictures, try to act naturally to get some uncontrived or candid photographs. We make sure to discuss this point with our clients so as to capture some candid moments as well. For example, pictures of you and your partner simply laughing, or the bride crying at the time of vidaayi, hugging your family and friends and many more memorable moments. These are just are some of the moments where we can capture the emotional journey. You can then relive all these moments through our amazing photographs after months, years, and even decades down the line. Furthermore, such candid shots can serve as memorabilia for your children as well as grandchildren one day. Simply put, by capturing such amazing and emotional candid moments, we as your wedding photographer can help you immortalize the most beautiful day of your life. Believe us, emotion-filled candid pictures are a trend to follow nowadays.

5) Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Another amazing or popular trend for taking fun pictures is featuring the most significant people. Being at the wedding in a heavy glam dress or a tuxedo doesn’t always mean a wedding cannot actually be interesting. Rather than giving boring poses in traditional photographs, you can actually get yourself pictured enjoying with your ‘girl gang’ or ‘band of boys’. You can even recreate some of your old pictures to collect memories for a lifetime. It is yet another great trend that we at Manoj Dhoke Photography follow.

6) Location-Based Photoshoot

All the photographs of your wedding don’t really have to be at the venue only! There are actually many beautiful places in India like Goa, Manali, Jaipur, Shimla, etc. that can really serve as a background for your wedding photoshoot. Depending on the type of vibe you are going for, you can actually explore the options available. Take for example, if you want more magical vibes, you can actually opt for an outdoor location like a garden, or a nearby a lake, perhaps.


These are just few of the trends you can look out for if you are planning a wedding in 2020. However, to actually convert these ideas into reality, you will need a wedding photographer like Manoj Dhoke Photography who is professional, can understanding your vision as well as execute the ideas to perfection and satisfies the client requirements. At Manoj Dhoke Photography, we have all the means to provide you with exactly what you want from your wedding pictures. For more details, call us now and let us start planning.

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