Top Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In As Well As Around The City Chandigarh

In the following article we’ll mention an important topic that’s “Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in and around Chandigarh” let’s discuss within the article given below:

What is A Pre-Wedding Shoot

A pre-wedding shoot is actually a bouquet of emotions wrapped with candidness. In India, almost every couple actively participates in the process of choosing the best pre-wedding photographer. With the emergence of latest popular trends on Social Media styles of the pre-wedding shoot, people are recognizing interesting venues, locations as well as backdrops as a part of capturing special memorable memories before the wedding day. Moreover, the ideal way to start with when it actually comes to selecting the location for the best pre-wedding shoot in Chandigarh is actually by getting an inspiration. so as to avoid last minute confusions, the couple should really make sure the arrangements are aligned properly. This is often where the pre-wedding shoot locations have to actually be reflected over to know their viability.

How To Choose The Top And Best Pre-Wedding Locations In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is actually a wonderful city with natural scenery as well as lush green surroundings. The planned structure of this city as well as exquisite gardens over here make it the ideal destination for pre-wedding shoot. Moreover, the reason why Chandigarh attracts couples to explore the city to the fullest during their pre wedding shoot is because of it’s cleaner and safest surroundings. Following is a quick guide about the best pre-wedding locations of Chandigarh to be considered depending on their enchanting vibes as well as vibrant aura. After thoroughly exploring these beautiful locations, it’ll actually become apparent how to really opt for the appropriate place for your pre-wedding shoot.

Top Best Pre-Wedding Shoot locations In Chandigarh

1) Rose Garden

It is a botanical garden carpeted with the cultivation of attractive flowers everywhere. Not just the decorative plantation is lavishly spread across the garden, but also, a large range of medicinal plants can actually be found over here. Located in the Sector 16 of Chandigarh, this garden draws masses from all around the world to witness the natural beauty as well as tranquility of the city. In terms of pre-wedding shoot, this location is perfect for the couple who wants to replicate Bollywood pasture scene or shot as well as get immersed in the environment. The prospects of capturing pre-wedding moments in this garden are innumerable as flowers and surroundings together actually call for an exclusive backdrop.

2) Fort Ramgarh

Situated on NH-73, Opposite Sector 28, Panchkula, Fort Ramgarh is one among the best pre-wedding locations in Chandigarh popular for celebrating the Rajput culture. It’s an ornate heritage hotel where the couple can actually experience the royal traditional pre-wedding shoot. The underground museum of this Fort is worth a search to treasure special memories of pre-wedding. In fact, the wooden furniture and basic amenities at this location lend a rare, unique and beautiful touch to pre-wedding shoot.

3) Leisure Valley

Leisure Valley which is surrounded by the greenery and wonderful atmosphere is actually the perfect place for taking pictures for your pre-wedding shoot. Situated in Sector 10, Chandigarh, it’s one of the top best location where the couple can experience beautiful candid shoot of pre-wedding. This leisure valley which is a botanical garden will actually be suitable for treasuring natural scenery as an imperative part of the moments shot before the marriage.

4) Pinjore Garden

Situated in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Pinjore Garden is actually a historic garden which was built in the 17th century. The style of architecture of Mughal Gardens are often chosen as the pre-wedding location in Chandigarh by the couples who absolutely love sight-seeing and natural beauty. After the renovation of this Gardens by the Patiala Dynasty Sikh Jat rulers, the overall surroundings of the garden have actually been revamped into a stunning place for photography. Pre-wedding shoot at this specific location will deliver the incredible outcome when the professional wedding photographer like us is hired timely.

5) Japanese Garden

This garden is actually designed by giving priority to Japanese aesthetics as well as keeping in mind the philosophical ideas. Natural landscape of this specific garden has an ancient touch to deliver soothing as well as peaceful atmosphere to the couples during their pre-wedding shoot. Situated in Sector 31, Chandigarh, Japanese Garden is considered one among the popular pre-wedding locations in Chandigarh to record unbelievable mixture of Japanese elements with a magical touch.

6) Sukhna Lake

Playing with water, experiencing the cool vibes of the atmosphere as well as adding full lake-view of Sukhna Lake during the pre-wedding shoot is notable and beautiful ways to look upon. The adorable seasonal flow of the lake turns the pre-wedding shoot into a mesmerizing and fascinating one. Sukhna lake located in Sector 1, Chandigarh, actually depicts natural elements to be shot as a part of pre-wedding photography.

7) Nangal Wetlands

Sightseeing in Chandigarh is actually one of the most favorable activity and when pre-wedding photography gets accompanied with it, the situation turns into an amazing experience. Bounded by River Sutlej, Nangal Wetlands offers quite the visual treat to the couple further making it one among the best pre-wedding locations in Chandigarh. Located at a distance of 100 Km from Chandigarh in Punjab, this location actually offers one of the best venue for a wonderful pre-wedding shoot.

You must select the location for pre-wedding shoot in Chandigarh wisely

After taking a look at the above mentioned locations, it’ll become easier for you to settle one the best locations in Chandigarh. And depending on your preferences, we can suggest you some locations that you can choose and thus experience the magical moments of pre-wedding shoot. We’ll guide you about the suitability as well as visibility of choosing a pre-wedding shoot in Chandigarh. All you really need to do in order to make your pre-wedding shoot in Chandigarh successful is hiring us. 

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